• Impacts


SafePellets aimed to contribute to the following impacts

I) The development of new norms and standards
SafePellets developed guidelines, which provide a basis for European standards related to quality assurance and safety of the wood pellet supply chain aiming to avoid draw backs arising from accidents causing negative public perception in existing markets and to support the establishment of new markets. This standards are currently under development within ISO TC 238 working group 7.

II) Meeting regulatory requirements and policy objectives in areas such as health, safety and environmental protection
Reported concentrations of CO and VOC in private house-owners storages and in industrial scale storages (e.g. for small industry, for micro grids …) strongly exceed allowed maximum exposure limits and can reach even lethal concentration levels. SafePellets aimed at providing measures and solutions to secure consumer and health protection by preventive measures to avoid off-gassing of toxic substances in final customer, private house-owners respectively, storages and by technical solutions to safely remove formed off-gasses on demand. Furthermore, SafePellets dealt with the threats of self-heating and spontaneous ignition of stored pellets, mostly related to larger scale (industrial) storages. SafePellets deriveed preventive measures to avoid fires in storages, provides respective guidelines and develops and improves reliable fire protection systems to safely handle once formed smouldering fires in storages.
SafePellets encouraged energy security and diversification of energy supply in Europe by creating sustainable European pellets markets. By supporting the European standardization process required for solid biomass fuels, SafePellets facilitated trade, developed markets, increased consumer confidence and finally strengthened the feasibility of European supply chains for biomass, which is another challenge named by the Biomass Action Plan. The mentioned policies offered a tremendous potential for the strongly SME-based bioenergy business with wood pellets being the silver bullet for the heat market to achieve these goals in the short to medium perspective as mentioned.

III) Solving technological problems
SafePellets supported SME-AGs and their members to identify the mechanisms for uncontrolled off-gassing of toxic emissions from wood pellets by technical solutions realized at the production sites and by quality assurance measures along the whole supply chain.