• Large industry partners

Large industry partners

Verdo is a Danish energy producer which is both a large scale user as well as trader of pellets. Verdo handles and stores large volumes of pellets and other solid biofuels and has thus interest in utilizing this in a safe as possible way. Verdo are today one of the ‘greenest’ energy companies in Denmark. The main task of the VERDO is production and distribution of energy to the municipal Randers in Denmark. Verdo participate in a number of R&D projects and is presently a partner in the Danish funded project “Large scale Utilization of Biopellets for energy Applications”

Dansk Træemballage A/S’ (Danish Wood Packaging ltd.) is Denmark’s largest and leading manufacturer and dealer of transport packaging made from wood. The DTE group comprises several production places in Denmark and contains several types of wood processing plants which cover the whole chain from the round tree to the final wood wrapping product. DTE processes 250,000 m3 of unseasoned wood at its own sawmills each year and the remains from this production – fresh sawdust and chips – are used for production of pellets with high calorific value in their own pellet mill in Ribe (~40 000 t/y).