• SME associations

SME associations

European Biomass Association / European Pellets Council
The European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) is a non profit Brussels based international organisation founded in 1990. It is a network of 30 national biomass associations in 23 European countries. Each national association has its own members, as a result, AEBIOM represents a network of more than 4000 companies, organisations or individuals. AEBIOM aims at the promotion of the sustainable development of the bioenergy sector in the EU.

proPellets Austria
PPA is an Association which comprises 60 companies including the most important actors among Austrian pellet producers, pellet boiler manufacturers and pellet distributors. The aim of PPA is to facilitate the pellet sector in Austria and to inform media and policy makers about the advantages of pellet heating. PPA is also monitoring the market development, publishing monthly price surveys and offering advice to new companies entering the market. ProPellets Austria is a platform for the companies of the pellet sector to solve upcoming problems and develop solution, e.g. new technical standards and logistic solutions.

Pelletsindustrins Riksförbund / Swedish Pellets Association (PIR)
PIR, the Swedish Pellet Association, was founded in 1998 with the aim of promoting information exchange, research and technology development within the pellet industry. PIR is a non-profit organization, today organizing 16 member companies in Sweden accounting for over 80 % of the Swedish pellet production. In 2009 the total pellets production in Sweden almost reached 1.5 million tonnes. Approximately 600 000 tonnes pellets are imported every year. Approximately 50 % (8) of the members are SME members. PIR’s main tasks are fuel quality certification, technology development, standards development, fuel distribution development and information.

Danske Halmleverandorer
Organization of Danish Straw Suppliers is a non-profit member organization and does political work in order to ensure the use of straw for energy and help member about contracts with energy companies. The organization also gathers information regarding production of straw and the handling from field to energy company and participate in arranging workshops and other activities for spread information to the members. The organization is run by a board of 10 straw suppliers from all over Denmark.

Deutscher Energieholz- und Pellet-Verband (DEPV)
The DEPV (Deutscher Energieholz- und Pellet-Verband) was founded in 2001. The association represents the interests of about 100 members of the industry, e. g. pellet and combustion system producers, pellet trade companies and producers of system components to political bodies and professional organizations on national and international level. These key actors are cooperating together with the objective to increase and establish the sustainable utilization of woody biomass for energetic purposes. The core competences of the DEPV are in the fields of lobbying activities to political bodies while developing or revising legal frameworks, co-operation with professional associations, e.g. working in the fields of raw material supply, environmental and consumer protection, standardization and certification of biomass pellets and briquettes for energetic purposes, e.g. ENplus and transfer of information for both the public and for the industry, e.g. publication of market reviews and information brochures.