• SME industry partners

SME industry partners

Firefly AB
Firefly AB is a Swedish company with over 30 years of experience in the biomass industry. Firefly delivers complete systems to protect industrial processes against fires and dust explosions. Firefly has since 1973 specialised in development of state-of-art technology and solutions for the prevention of fires and fire-related problems in the chain from manufacturing, handling and usage of organic material. Pellets have become a major biofuel in Sweden. However pellet production, handling and storage contain many risks. Firefly works closely together with Swedish pellet producers and users in order to develop risk-reducing solutions for these types of industries.

Laxå Pellets AB
Laxå Pellets AB was founded 2004 and is one of the leading pellet producers in Sweden. The company is located in the demographic centre of Sweden and private owned by an oil-company (OK). Laxå Pellets is an SME with a production capacity of 80 000 tons pellets per year, they have three silos for storage of pellets. Laxå Pellets produces pellets for the private market mainly and delivers 80 % of its production in small bags but needs to store the pellets in silo often to manage just in time delivery of pellets during whole year.

PUSCH AG acts worldwide in the segment of renewable energies and disposes of the required know-how and the experience for developing operational safe agrarpellets on the basis of individual mixtures made from agricultural and forestry residues. PUSCH AG offers an integral concept comprising the development of the pellets, the technology, the distribution of licensed boilers and the marketing support of the agrarpellets und the trade name agrarSTICK®. PUSCH AG pursues the concept of smaller, decentralized production units for the local safeguarding of energy supply.