• Project Reports and documents

Project Reports and documents

Market and risk inventory, and product selection

In the course of work package two – Market and risk inventory, and product selection – information indicating the market relevance of off-gassing and self-heating was gathered. The written report is divided into three parts, namely “Market Survey of Pellet Production, Logistic and Storage”, “Problems and Incidents during Pellet Transportation and Storage” and “Guidelines and Standards”. For more information and details on the topic the public report is provided.

Relation between off-gassing and self-heating

In the course of work package six – Measures and recommendations to prevent and handle off-gassing and self-heating – The relation between the propensity for self-heating and the off-gassing properties was assessed for different types of wood pellets tested, in relation to the properties of these pellets. The written report on this findings is provided here.

Publishable summary report

As summary conclusion of the project a short publishable summary of the project and its findings has been created. This summary is provided under Publishable Summary of the project.

Material Safety Data Sheet for Wood Pellets

With the development of a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for wood pellets a necessary tool for biomass pellet retailers and consumers has been introduced, which in addition to commonly used parameters to describe biomass pellets such as heat value or mechanical stability, will adress specific risk from self-heating and off-gassing of wood pellets during handling and storage. A template version of such a MSDS is provided under MSDS for wood pellets.

EPC Storage Guideline for safe handling and storage of wood pellets

The European Pellet Council (EPC) storage guideline describes the requirements on quality preserving and safe storage of pellets both for professionals such as installers as well as for consumers. It covers the technical properties of pellet stores as well as information on safe and adequate operation of these stores. A template version of this guideline (which can be adjusted according to specifics laws and requirements of different countries) is provided under EPC Storage Guideline. For more information regarding this document please contact the European Pellet Council directly.