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Peer reviewed articles

Sjöström Johan, Blomqvist Per. Direct measurements of thermal properties of wood pellets: Elevated temperatures, fine fractions and moisture content. Fuel 2014; 134: 460-466.

Conference contributions

Emhofer W, Sedlmayer I, Pöllinger-Zierler B, Pointner C, Wopienka E, Haslinger W. A preliminary study on the influence of the pelletizing process on the off-gassing behavior of wood pellets. Proceedings of the 23rd European Biomass Conference, 1.-4. June 2015, Vienna, Austria: 682-685.

Emhofer W, Lichtenegger K, Haslinger W, Hofbauer H, Sedlmayer I, Aigenbauer S. Effectiveness of Natural Ventilation Measures to overcome CO Off-gassing in Small-scale Biomass Pellet Storages. World Sustainable Energy Days Next 2015, 25.-27. February 2015, Wels, Austria.

Larsson I, Lönnermark A, Persson H, Blomqvist P. Temperature Measurements and Examination of self-heating in large scale storage of wood pellets. World Bioenergy 2014, 3.-5. June 2014, Jönköping, Sweden.

Larsson I, Lönnermark A, Blomqvist P, Persson H, Rahm M. Small scale screening tests to assess the self-heating potential of wood pellets. Interflam 2013, 24.-26. June 2013, London, UK: 623-628.

Emhofer W, Pöllinger-Zierler B, Siegmund B, Haslinger W, Leitner E. Correlation between CO off-gassing and linoleic fatty acid content of wood chips and pellets. Proceedings of the 21st European Biomass Conference, 3.-7. June 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark: 1362-1364.

Larsson I, Lönnermark A, Blomqvist P, Persson H, Rahm M. Assessment of self-heating potential of wood pellets . Linnaeus ECO-TECH 2012, 26.-28. November 2012, Linnaeus, Sweden.

Emhofer W, Aigenbauer S. CO aus Holzpellets- Bildung, Charakterisierung und Massnahmen. 12. Holzenergie-Symposium, 14. September 2012, Zurich, Switzerland: 147-158 (in German).

University publications

Emhofer W. Emissions from wood pellets during storage. Dissertation, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, 2015.

Persson H, Leandersson A, Amen M P, Lönnermark A. Lagring av biobränsle och avfall – Statistik och erfarenheter från incidenter och bränder. SP Report 2014:55, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, 2014 (in Swedish).

Meier F. Pellet off-gassing during storage: The impact of storage conditinos and type of source material. Master thesis, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria, 2014.

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Trinkel V. Auslegung eienr Kinetikapparatur zur Messung des Ablaufs von Reaktionen an der Oberfläche von Pellets. Master thesis, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, 2012 (in German).